eData Entry Forms

The forms below may be used to collect information for data entry into the eData system. Contact eData Tech Support with any questions about how to complete these forms at 1-877-857-8869 or eDataTechSupport@psu.edu.

NOTE: If your agency collects additional information at intake and creates a custom form for data collection, it is required that all data collected in the forms below must be included in your locally created data collection forms, including the statement regarding F-1 Visas on page 1 and the consent paragraph on page 3 of the Adult Intake form.

Program Year 2020-21 eData Entry Forms NEW

Directions for Using the Fillable Forms:

  1. Download the most current version of Adobe Reader.
  2. Click on the form to open it in a new tab.
  3. Save the file to your computer.
  4. Open the file from your computer to begin typing in the form.
  5. Save the file to your computer.

Tips for Using the Fillable Forms

  • Date – Type in the date using MM/DD/YYYY format or use the calendar drop down feature to enter the date.
  • Signature – Watch this short video (1:30 min) to see how to have the learner sign the Adult Maintenance Intake/Exit Form.


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