Support for Programs

Communications Project
The Communications Project provides communications support to the Division of Adult Education and the PDS. Major project activities include maintaining this website: creating and sending newsletters to the field; and providing communications and webinar support to the Division and PDS.

  • Destiny Simpson
  • Dyan Schauer
  • Matt Manfred
  • Staci Van Art
  • Christine Gloss-Ulery

Distance Education Technical Assistance Project
The Distance Education Technical Assistance Project provides support and training to local agencies to prepare them to offer distance learning activities as a supplement to classroom instruction.

  • Chuck Klinger
  • Lisa Bailey
  • Bethany Lezanic

Management Information System (MIS)/eData Tech Support
MIS provides technical assistance to programs to ensure effective data collection and entry. Additionally, the project can provide consultation on eData issues, use of the Access template, and methods to collect additional data.

  • Michael McCarty
  • Steve Linnes

Professional Learning Opportunities (ProLO)
The Professional Learning Opportunities grant serves adult and family literacy education programs by supporting continuous program improvement through professional learning; supporting the implementation of standards-aligned lessons and the integration of instructional advances in adult education classrooms; and providing technical assistance for the full range of activities offered by programs.

  • Hanna Schlosser
  • Joy Zamierowski
  • Maribel Ojeda
  • Chelsea DeLeo
  • Jonathan Edwards
  • Callie Hazan

Technology Project
The Technology Project provides instructional design and technology support to other leadership projects to create and revise high-quality online professional development opportunities and to provide technical assistance in the use of instructional technology to other leadership projects funded by the Division.

  • Destiny Simpson
  • Dyan Schauer
  • Sarah Creasy
  • Callie Hazan
  • Tessa Gross
  • Chris Gallagher
  • Trish Klinger
  • Tim Kuhn
  • Staci Van Art

Workforce Development System Liaison Project
The Workforce Project provides technical assistance to align workforce development programming within adult education system, build capacity to address WIOA, and function effectively as a partner in Pennsylvania Workforce Development System to the Division, other leadership projects, and adult and family literacy education programs funded by the Division.

  • KayLynn Hamilton
  • Chrissie Klinger