Resource Posting Guidelines

Criteria for Posting on PA Adult Education Resources Website

Pennsylvania adult education professional development staff (PDS) use a structured review process to ensure that the materials included on the website are of the highest quality.  PDS staff review submitted resources to determine if the resource is appropriate for adult learners or for program staff providing adult basic education services. Resource is free to the public. If registration is required, registration is free and information is not used for solicitation purposes.  Resource is accessible to the public through a URL and technical aspects do not interfere with use (e.g. download times, working links, multimedia applications). Resources contained on the website are easily accessed and organized.  Resources contained on the website are presented in a manner encouraging implementation.  Once a resource meets these basic criteria, the resource is sent to expert reviewers for a more in depth review. These expert reviewers use the following criteria to determine whether to recommend inclusion on the website:


  • Content of the resource is relevant to target audiences
  • Resource is respectful/non-biased and free of obvious stereotypes
  • Content of the resource is current (developed or updated within the past 10 years)
  • Information included in the resource appears to be accurate
  • Resource aligns to college and career readiness standards
  • All materials are Section 508 compliant and are accessible to those with disabilities


  • Resource identifies the target audience, learner characteristics, or the instructional setting
  • Resource provides clear directions for learners and/or instructors
  • Resource uses adult education principles (contextual instruction, related to learner’s goals, uses authentic materials or real life scenarios, actively involved the learner)

SourceResource developers or contributors meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Expert in their given field
  • Practitioner demonstrating acknowledged best practice
  • Subject to peer review available on the website
  • Materials appear to be based on research

Resource Request Form

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