Distance Education and Distance Education Technical Assistance

In Pennsylvania, adult students may participate in distance education in two ways.

Distance-only Students

Students who are not at attending classes at their local programs (whether they are unable to or prefer distance learning) and who wish to participate in distance learning classes may do so through Pennsylvania’s Distance Learning Project. The Distance Learning Project’s website (link opens in a new window) provides information about classes and an online application.

Supplemental Distance Learning Students

Students attending classes at their local programs may request distance learning through that program to supplement their classroom instruction. Local programs may report distance learning time if students use a resource approved for distance learning. Approved resources are included in the Division of Adult Education’s Distance Learning Policy D.130 (link opens in a new window). In addition to providing the list of approved resources, Policy D.130 explains the intent and use of distance learning in Pennsylvania.

Submit a Teacher-generated Distance Learning Lesson

Teachers are encouraged to submit a lesson to the Distance Learning Technical Assistance Project for approval and to share with the field. These lessons will be available in the Lesson Bank.


Submitting Resources for Addition to the Approved Supplemental Distance Learning Resource List

The submission of requests for a distance learning resource to be vetted for approval is the same for online and print resources. When submitting a request, you will need to provide the following information below:

  • Your name and email address
  • The publisher or vendor of the resource
  • The name of the resource
  • Whether it is an online or print resource
  • What subject areas it addresses
  • What student levels it targets
  • If a textbook, indicate whether it is part of a series
  • How you intend to use the resource
  • The strengths of the resource
Request Approval for a Distance Resource Button

To submit a request, click on this link: https://forms.gle/b5gh6pX3fMgCcq979
Download the list of Distance Resource Approval Request (PDF) questions.

If you have trouble using the link (Google Forms) contact Bethaney Coldren at bcoldren@tiu11.org.
If you have any general questions about resource approval contact Chuck Klinger at cklinger@tiu11.org.


Distance Learning Technical Assistance

The Distance Education Technical Assistance Project provides support for programs as they implement supplemental distance learning and review distance learning resources for possible inclusion in the approved list. For more information, contact Chuck Klinger, cklinger@tiu11.org.


Resource Documents

NEW Technology Planning Tool The Technology Planning Tool is designed to help agencies inventory current practice around the use of technology for communication, intake and orientation, instruction, and program management and develop an action plan.

IDEAL Distance Education and Blended Learning HandbookThe IDEAL Distance Education and Blended Learning Handbook is designed to help adult education practitioners set up distance programming and develop the skills to support learners studying at a distance.

Online Learning Questionnaire – The Distance Learning Questionnaire can help agencies screen and prepare students for distance education.

Sample Distance Learning Contract – The Distance Learning Contract, developed for students studying only at a distance, defines the expectations for the student and sets the tone for success. It can be adapted for supplemental distance education students.

Rubrics for Evaluating Open Education Resources (OER) Objects – Rubrics for Evaluating Open-Education Resource OER Objects provides eight separate rubrics that you can use to evaluate open education resources.


Videos to Support Distance Learning

Creating Reports in Khan AcademyCreating Reports in Khan Academy (link opens in a new window) provides step-by-step instructions for creating reports in Khan Academy.



Webinar Recordings

Websites to Support Distance Learning

Northstar Digital Literacy AssessmentNorthstar Digital Literacy Assessment (link opens in a new window) provides a place for students – and teachers – to assess their digital literacy skills.

OER CommonsOER Commons (link opens in a new window) is a searchable digital library of free online educational resources. Remember, resources must be approved before you may report time as supplemental distance learning.

Approved Supplemental Distance Learning Curriculum

Khan AcademyKhan Academy (link opens in a new window) is one of the free resources approved for supplemental distance learning in Pennsylvania. This section of Khan Academy (link opens in a new window) of Khan Academy provides resources like how-to videos for teachers.

USA LearnsUSA Learns (link opens in a new window) is one of the free resources approved for supplemental distance learning in Pennsylvania. This section of USA Learns (link opens in a new window) of the site provides resources for teachers.